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Enjoy awesome rates on door to door shipping via our air shipping service. With Air Basic your items arrive within 15-20 days, Air Standard within 7-10 days, or use our Air Premium service to receive your items within 3-5 working days. After your parcels are consolidated and weighed at our UK office, you pay a shipping fee according to the weight of your box before we dispatch. You can also send a box from any address in the UK directly to any country in Africa via our Third-party Parcel service.

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Pay a shipping fee based on the final weight of your box, after all your parcels have been consolidated.

Pay an additional third party collection fee of £11 per parcel if sending a parcel from your own address in the UK to any address in Africa.

Your items are delivered door to door by air. We offer basic insurance cover for your items while in transit but additional cover can be purchased.

Work out how many parcels we’ll be receiving for you then go ahead and pay your handling fee via our booking form below to get your UK address.

If we received and consolidated your shopping, you can arrange ship your box using our shipping service or arrange with your own courier. We will advise you the weight and dimensions of your parcels after consolidation and you can email us the collection date and any address labels when you have made arrangements with your courier.

Yes. You can ship your own items from any UK address to any destinations via our Third Party Parcel service. You will be required to securely package your items into boxes, advise us the weight and dimensions of each parcel, complete a Collection Address and Customs Declarations when booking. You pay an additional third party collection fee of £11 in addition to the shipping fee. Your items are delivered to our UK address for weight verification. If your parcel is found to weigh more, you’ll be required to pay the difference on your shipping fee before we dispatch your parcel.

Our Air Standard and Air Premium are both Door-To-Door services by air.  Our business customers shipping pallets or containers can contact us for ocean freight quotes.

Yes we provide live tracking numbers for all our Air Standard and Air Premium shipments. You will receive your tracking number and tracking URL by email after making a booking.

Our door to door shipping prices include customs clearance at destination. However, there may be circumstances where we need you to provide additional information to facilitate clearing (for example if your goods are delayed due to missing documentation).

It is your responsibility to find out what goods are banned/restricted by your destination country and be prepared accordingly. If your parcels contain any banned or restricted items, this may be confiscated by customs/the courier and destroyed. In such cases, Shop2Africa accepts no liability and you will not receive a refund. More information on items restricted by our couriers can be found at https://shop2africa.com/restricted/

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